"And the world cannot be discovered by a journey of miles, no matter how long, but only by a spiritual journey, a journey of one inch, very arduous and humbling and joyful, by which we arrive at the ground at our own feet, and learn to be at home."
Wendell Berry

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

[Tap tap] Is this thing on?

Hey friends,

After a month of traveling and blogging, I gotta ask... Who's actually reading this?

You see, innitially, I'd planned to blog so that I wouldn't have to email so much (I really, really hate email) and so that my family could follow me and know that I was okay. Now, I realize that my reasons have evolved to be way more selfish than that: I want a way to feel connected with home, even while I'm far away. Only sometimes it feels like I'm just sending out these posts like folded, crumpled messages in bottles, and they're all just sinking somewhere in the middle of the ocean.

Ha! Wow, that's dramatic. Sorry for that awful simile. Now I'm too amused by it to delete.

Bottom line: this isn't meant to be a "Yo, why don't you shower me with love?" post, I swear, but if, like Kot, you felt like leaving a comment to let me know you were reading, that would be super cool.

I'd also love to hear opinions on the layout of the blog, etc. Are you happy with frequency of posts? Are the pictures too big or too many? Is there too much junk over on the right? Is it difficult to comment or subscribe? Do you like the Facebook reminders? I don't plan to make money off of this thing, but I do want people to have a good experience reading it.

Love you big, Jill


  1. I like the facebook reminders and I have read every post so far! Your pictures and stories are great, they are a nice escape from the day to day. Miss you and hope you keep having a wonderful adventure.


  2. Love you guys back! Thanks for the feedback!

  3. Jill your blog is something I truly love reading. Much like an episode of "Two and a Half Men" I find myself envious, laughing and wondering how this is still family oriented.
    In all seriousness your blog is amazing and it seems to be naturally evolving as your trip/experience does.

    ps. 379 Marlborough Boston... I HEART Crab Rangoons

  4. Jill, I check your blog every couple of days and look forward to following your new adventures. The pictures are awesome and make me want to see and experience those places in person. You should get rewarded by the NZ visitors bureau for doing such a great job selling the country. As to 49 states having snow, my reaction in reading your blog was to long for the warm weather when coats and gloves are not required. Don't get me wrong, I love having four season and a white Christmas but there is alot to be said for sun and sand too. Keep writing and I will keep reading. Uncle Chris

  5. Wow, I actually had withdrawal waiting from January 4 until January 11 for a blog! Worried about the floods in Queensland because I was not sure where you were and the news photos from here are worrisome. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE
    your site. Pictures are unbelievable. It is witty and it is REAL. I cannot say that I am living vicariously through you as New Zealand is the only place I have on my bucket list. This OLD body is more the villa in Tuscany type.
    But I love that you are loving it and that it is everything you want it to be. Keep it coming and I will keep reading it.
    Donni, Uncle Jeff's big sister

  6. Thanks for the feedback, everyone.

    Uncle Chris, you've definitely got to check out NZ sometime. It was gorgeous and that was even with consistently bad weather.

    Hey, Donni! I'm okay--didn't get swept away. Thanks for reading!

    Cole, I have never seen Two and a Half Men, but am scared for you. Also, can one even send crab rangoons through mail?!

  7. Jill I just happened to see that you accepted my Facebook friend request last weekend and started checking out your blog. You are doing some amazing stuff! I've been sitting here for an hour reading your posts.....!! Too bad you aren't coming through Mexico, I could help you manuever through here! Keep it up, stay strong and I have to say you still have what I remember about you in high school - spontaniety and a very free spirit! I'm looking forward to more posts, you've got me hooked!

    Kevin Boose

  8. Well, you know I read it.... but I definitely enjoy our late night (for me anyway) skype dates more... sorry I'm drunk more often than not. I love you to pieces.

    Number one sis,

  9. I read! Sporadically, but I check in every now and then (esp if I see a reminder on Facebook), and love seeing new posts up. I'm traveling vicariously through you.

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  11. Jill, I check your blog every week or so and try to catch up with your travels, (the reminders on facebook also help.) I've really enjoyed reading about your travels. I've told some of my friends to read as well because what you're doing is awesome. I hope that your travels are treating you well.

  12. I read your adventures over and over again!
    Thinking of you daily my sweet......hopefully...Dana's kidding!!
    <3 dad

  13. Thanks, Alvina. I'll keep up with the FB reminders, in that case.

    Kevin, long time no see! Thanks for the very kind words. How's Mexico, and what are you up to there?

    Kara, thanks for reading and the promotion!

    Dad... She's totally not.

  14. I read it and am consistently torn by marvel and envy. Please keep it up, I want to keep living through you. And I appreciate the facebook updates!

  15. I'm stalking your worldly travels through your blog. :) The Facebook reminders are nice, and I'm enjoying your posts and your pictures. Keep at it and know you've got lots of fans stateside who are tracking your progress.

  16. Hey Sara and Rebecca, thanks for the love! Looks like the FB reminders win. Hope you're both very well.

  17. Hi Jill! I'm checking in every couple weeks or so, and love the blog. You write beautifully, and it's so fun to live vicariously through your adventures. (Especially because I'd never have the energy/courage/independence to do what you're doing!)

  18. I am here too! FB reminders are good! Your trip is sounding amazing so far. Don't stop writing, we're all still reading!

  19. Late to the party, but I totally read! Like once a week I log on and binge on your posts and then weep that your life is rad and mine isn't as much. Does anyone have an extra $10,000 on them so I can join Jill on her adventures? If so, please be in contact ASAP. Kthxbai.

  20. hey! i'm here, too. check in whenever i see your facebook updates. i love it! --als

  21. Hi Jill, just found out about the blog from my mom and I'll be checking in frequently. I think what you're doing is amazing and look forward to following your adventures over the next several months. hope all is well, be safe, and take care! Love, your cousin Pat.

  22. Hi, guys! Thanks for checking it out.

    Pat, I didn't get to say it earlier, but congratulations to you and Kim, by the way--she's beautiful!

    Amy and Kate, can't wait to see you in NYC in August.

    Als and Daphna, long time no see! Hope you're both well.

  23. jill this is beautiful! and way, way better than the old hood and armored liquor store. happy travels!

  24. Hey, Liz, so good to hear from you. Yeah, I'm glad we both got out of Bed Stuy... Hope you're still having fun at the old LB. Give PAH a squeeze from me!